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  • Luckie on 2011-May-21 08:25:55 Luckie said

    ThatÂ’s rlaely shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.
  • Irence on 2012-Aug-01 09:55:47 Irence said

    The MSM didn't report it. I heard it about two days into all the invteeirws. I think it was Fox news. With my dad laid up in rehab, he heard the same interview.I had an encounter last week with a scary man at the Burger King drive thru. The police office phone lines weren't open yet so I didn't report him. Later in the day I saw him being spoken to by cops, so I pulled over and gave them my story from earlier. Basically, he had committed no crimes admitted to having mental problems, and was allowed to go on his merry way, supposedly to the bus station. I watched him proceed to the convenience store and approach people there.
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